Pre-Official Launch/Soft Opening/Flash Mob Rides

What a big day ahead of our official launch tomorrow!  Maybe it was the warm spring air, maybe it was the shiny new bike, maybe it was the anticipation of Ole Kassow arriving later tonight.  We took our brand new rickshaw out for several test rides today.  First, at Matthews Memorial Baptist Church where Deacon Otey and several senior congregants welcomed a couple giddy bike riders' offer to get outside for some slow rolling.  Later, we stopped by Knollwood Retirement Community to discuss logistics but encountered Gen. Kem who gladly accepted our offer for a test ride.  After we interrupted the residents of Ingleside and found a couple near their five year marriage anniversary -- they jumped in for a celebratory ride.

At Matthews Memorial Baptist Church with some happy riders.

At Knollwood with Gen. Kem