Last week was an eventful week.  Thanks to your contributions, and the generosity of several individuals who we approached personally to make substantial contributions, we wired payment for our first rickshaw. The rickshaw is on a cargo ship somewhere in the Atlantic making its way to us.

Together with the contributions raised through GoFundMe and through direct personal appeals, we have raised $7,000.  Thank you so much for your support.  We still have a ways to go -- insurance and printing costs the next big hurdle to get us on the road. 

How you can continue to help? 

  • If you donated, can you ask a friend to match your contribution to push us towards our goal?GoFundMe
  • Did you see Virginia McLaurin, 106 years young, dancing with President and Mrs. Obama at the White House on Sunday? 106 yo Virginia McLaurin at White House Ms. McLaurin’s spirit was enough to carry the news to Copenhagen and Ole is keen to arrange a ride for Ms. McLaurin when Ole visits on March 12.  Please let us know if you can help get in contact with her.
  • Are you a photographer or videographer?  We need a volunteer to document the day's events on March 12. 
  • Mark your calendar -- it would be great if you could come out to our March 12 launch.  Stay tuned -- details to follow.  Sincerely, the CWA - DC team

Sincerely, the CWA-DC team

Ours? Maybe. Or one likes ours, in any event on its way!

Ours? Maybe. Or one likes ours, in any event on its way!