CWA Academy and Danish Embassy Open House, Washington, DC

A message from Ole:  We have a planned CWA Academy coming up in Washington, DC on Monday May 16 and Tuesday May 17:

If you want to become a Certified CWA Instructor, please sign up now by following the link.

This will be an amazing event, which will take place on the Danish Embassy grounds as well as throughout Washington DC - and participants may arrive for the weekend and take part in the Embassy Open House on Saturday with over 5,000 visitors and Cycling Without Age being part of the event with Danish bikes galore :-)

Check out the curriculum via this link below and sign up: We will need your sign-up no later than Tuesday April 12 (in 5 days) so that we can give the embassy a final confirmation of numbers.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Graduation photo from CWA Academy #1 in Copenhagen in February.

Launch Weekend Recap

Saturday was a big day for Cycling Without Age - Washington, DC chapter.  We got going at around 9 in the morning with Ole making our rickshaw official:

We then headed to Rock Creek Park and took a leisurely roll on carless Beach Drive.

Followed by a series of rides at Knollwood Retirement Community:

Then onto the Embassy of Denmark for a bilateral summit on the awesomeness of rickshaws:

And finally down to the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lane and the White House:

Special thanks to all those who came out to support us, to take photos and videos for us, and to cheer us on, and extra special thanks to those seniors who without hesitation jumped right on board to ride with us.  It was great to have Ole Kassow here with us on our first official day of riding.  Until next time Ole!  (May???)  Stay tuned for additional photos and videos of the weekend's events. We'll be back out on the roads again soon -- The CWA-DC team Craig, Greg and Rick

Pre-Official Launch/Soft Opening/Flash Mob Rides

What a big day ahead of our official launch tomorrow!  Maybe it was the warm spring air, maybe it was the shiny new bike, maybe it was the anticipation of Ole Kassow arriving later tonight.  We took our brand new rickshaw out for several test rides today.  First, at Matthews Memorial Baptist Church where Deacon Otey and several senior congregants welcomed a couple giddy bike riders' offer to get outside for some slow rolling.  Later, we stopped by Knollwood Retirement Community to discuss logistics but encountered Gen. Kem who gladly accepted our offer for a test ride.  After we interrupted the residents of Ingleside and found a couple near their five year marriage anniversary -- they jumped in for a celebratory ride.

At Matthews Memorial Baptist Church with some happy riders.

At Knollwood with Gen. Kem

Big Crate (Rickshaw ) Arrives

Woot! Woot! Our bike has arrived just in the nick of time. Or at least, we hope that is what is hidden away in this big crate. That's Craig doing the hard work -- muscling over 200lbs of crate and bike -- in dress pants and tie. Way to go Craig.

Thanks again to you all for your support and getting us to this point! Stay tuned for unveiling pictures later. It's going to be a couple of gray-haired kids on Christmas morning.


Cycling Without Age - Washington, DC wheels start rolling on Saturday, March 12

Cycling Without Age founder Ole Kassow will be with us on Saturday, March 12 to kick off CWA in Washington, DC with two rides.

Slow Roll #1
Where: Knollwood Retirement Community, 6200 Oregon Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20015 (rides starting at Greene Circle)
When: Saturday, March 12 at 11:00 a.m.
Who: The residents of Knollwood
What: short, introductory rides. Ole Kassow will introduce a short film about CWA.

Slow Roll #2
Where: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 (meet on promenade between Lafayette Square and the White House)
When: Approximately 2:30/3:00 p.m. 
Who: Anyone
What: Bring your own bike and join us for a relaxed ride on the promenade by the White House, then down to the Mall (Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial)

Volunteers/Participants needed
Photographers and videographers to record the day's events.  
Two or three people to lend a hand for whatever is needed at Knollwood.
Bikers to ride along with us at the White House and Mall - bring your family. Passengers at the White House.

***Two things could impact our plans -- weather and our rickshaw shipment, neither of which we have control over.  Rickshaw is due this week (fingers crossed). A follow-up email will confirm or alter our plans.***

Your CWA - DC Team: Craig, Greg and Rick

Reading up about Cycling Without Age......

Reading up about Cycling Without Age......

I came across this neat video today.  We aspire to be this one day.  Finn.

Craig, Gregory and I had a great time at the WABA members meeting on Thursday night.  Thanks to the WABA crew for putting on a great meeting, Tracy for ramping up the energy -- come read bedtime to my kids anytime, Mark and Greg for letting us hijack the meeting to tell everyone about CWA-DC, and everyone who came to talk with us and showed interest in CWA.  We're glad to have your support.  Get in touch with us to continue the conversation.

Last week was an eventful week.  Thanks to your contributions, and the generosity of several individuals who we approached personally to make substantial contributions, we wired payment for our first rickshaw. The rickshaw is on a cargo ship somewhere in the Atlantic making its way to us.

Together with the contributions raised through GoFundMe and through direct personal appeals, we have raised $7,000.  Thank you so much for your support.  We still have a ways to go -- insurance and printing costs the next big hurdle to get us on the road. 

How you can continue to help? 

  • If you donated, can you ask a friend to match your contribution to push us towards our goal?GoFundMe
  • Did you see Virginia McLaurin, 106 years young, dancing with President and Mrs. Obama at the White House on Sunday? 106 yo Virginia McLaurin at White House Ms. McLaurin’s spirit was enough to carry the news to Copenhagen and Ole is keen to arrange a ride for Ms. McLaurin when Ole visits on March 12.  Please let us know if you can help get in contact with her.
  • Are you a photographer or videographer?  We need a volunteer to document the day's events on March 12. 
  • Mark your calendar -- it would be great if you could come out to our March 12 launch.  Stay tuned -- details to follow.  Sincerely, the CWA - DC team

Sincerely, the CWA-DC team

Ours? Maybe. Or one likes ours, in any event on its way!

Ours? Maybe. Or one likes ours, in any event on its way!